Married for Life is an amazing assortment of couples with every kind of background, being intentional about marriage, doing life together.

Founded by a couple passionate about building strong, healthy, and thriving marriages who attended Substance Church in Minneapolis MN, MFL started as an effort to reach out to the dozens of young marriages in the church who were figuring out married life on their own. It gave couples an easy commitment (eat, watch a video about marriage, make friends, come back in two weeks) and it wasn’t long before there were more people signing up than there was room for! Currently, there are over a twenty five MFL leader couples hosting 10 groups. The stories of God restoring and strengthening marriages are as amazing as the friendships being formed through these groups!

As Married for Life leaders, we believe that marriage is at the core of society. At every level, whether it be the workplace, finances, relationships, ministry, church, health, parenting, and even decision-making, a healthy and thriving marriage will spill over health into all those areas. Moreover, marriage is the example that God uses to describe His relationship with us, the Church. If anyone should have marriages to be envied, it should be Christians!

We believe “church doesn’t start until the service is over” and that deep, intentional relationships matter (#4to7friends). It is at the heart of Married for Life to see couples forming those friendships with people who will be their cheerleaders and support with life’s ups and downs.

We hope you can join and experience this for yourselves!

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